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Most of the items listed here a good entry level pieces of gear. Airsoft is a sport where finding your style of gameplay and comfort will determine what gear you end up buying. It can be frustrating when you grab an expensive item and then realize that you don’t like say, a low leg holster. Many of these items will last a season, maybe more, while you find what works best for you.

Visit your local store or talk to your field owner when you are looking at buying a gun. Do your research online, at your field or in community groups like Airsoft Canada and Ottawa Valley Airsoft on FaceBook.

Showcase: Acetech has been very supportive of Ottawa Airsoft and has provided us with some of their amazing products. You should be redirected to the correct Amazon site for your country.

We run lots of different action cams. Our current favourite, albiet getting a little outdated, is the Sony HDRAZ1VW with remote wrist control. GoPro is the most common premium camera you will see but there are many very capable knockoffs out there that will do a great job capturing your gameplay at a fraction of the cost. 4K is the current buzz but make sure you are looking at pixel count, stabilization and frame rate – 30fps is okay but 60fps will give you that smooth footage. However, even in the knockoffs there are wide ranges of quality so do your research, check the reviews and look on YouTube for reputable reviewers.