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Area of Operations: AXEHEAD

April 29, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


The event season opener for Red Devils Airsoft in Kemptville will be hosted by Ottawa Airsoft.

Area of Operations: Axe Head
April 29th, 2017

The entire field is under the control of a large rebel army with Private Military Contractors (PMC) support. The field is a multi-farm and distribution center. The rebels will move product from the farms to the distribution center for pickup at set times. PMCs are responsible for the co-ordination and protection of the rebel convoys and communications. The milsim team will be responsible for gathering intel, disrupting the rebel activities and securing product throughout the day.

Event fees: $30
Rental package: $60 include field fee, gear (face pro, eye pro, vest) and 2000 rounds of BBs

Red Devils Field Rules will be in effect

AOAxehead Poster

Player Outline

Milsim Team
A small team of 15-20 well-trained, established, tactical players expected to be outnumbered 3 or 4 to 1. All milsim members must have a radio. Once deployed they will remain on field so they must bring ammo, food and water. Ammo per team member will be limited to a set number of magazines. Crates on field will contain a small amount ammo and water and can only be opened by milsim members with key or code.
They will gather intel regarding locations, rebel/PMC movement and distribution schedules. Intel will be located in buildings, at farm locations and on PMC players. They will also be able to disrupt communications by disabling radio stations.

A large rebel army made up of registered and walk-on players will control the entire field with a distribution center, three or four “farms” will be spread around the field. There will be scheduled tasks throughout the day. Rebels will NOT have individual radios.
Communications via radio stations will be limited and can be compromised.

The PMCs will work with some more seasoned players to coordinate efforts on behalf of the rebels. They will be responsible for organizing the rebels to protect the farms, arrange convoys and secure the distribution center.

Event Objectives

The Rebels goal is to create and safely move the majority of product from remote farms to the distribution center in time for scheduled pickups throughout the day.

The Milsim team will need to gather intel, intercept and tag products to put them out of play. Ther will also be some location based objectives for bonus points.


All guns must pass chrono. On field spot chronos will be enforced.

Eye Protection and mouth protection must be worn.

Rebels and PMCs will wear armbands. Milsim will not.

Radios – All Milsim team members must have a radio. PMCs will carry radios. Rebels will not have radios, relaying on PMCs for support and instructions.

A few reminders for everyone attending:
1. Gates open 8 a.m. (NO EARLIER as staff gets ready), price $30 per person. To speed things up, have your cash ready. We do take debit and visa as well, if needed.
2. We will be using the main gate (House Gate) for this event, just follow the signs on Whitney road.
3. Game starts at 10 a.m. sharp. There will be no break for lunch so eat on the run during the day as you see fit. We do not sell food but do sell Gatorade and provide water at the usual outlets on the site. Bring a lunch so not to kill the game momentum by going out.
4. MILSIM team deploys at 9:30 and will stay on field all day, Rebels and PMCs may break for lunch but should try to spread it out. There will not be an official lunch.
5. Rebels will be briefed at the CQB/Distribution Centre by the HellFish command and Sneaky (Admin).
6. MILSIM team ( Seven Sons and Rogue 2) will be briefed this week with a briefing document, as well as a quick briefing before they hit the field.
7. Medic rules for this event will ONLY apply to the MILSIM team.
8. Raffle tickets are 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. See previous posts for list of goodies up for grabs! You MUST be in attendance to win.
9. Batteries! Like all seasons past there has been an epidemic of players who show up for 5+ hours of airsoft with only one battery and no charger. Anyone playing a full day should have at least two fully charged batteries.Just last Sunday OB provided fresh batteries/swap outs etc for more than a dozen players. This practice will and must cease. A good battery costs little and players must take measures to ensure that they can be self supported and play all day without interruption!
10. This is a MILSIM event but walk-ons are welcome.
11. All rules and rental information are available on our website www.reddevilsairsoft.com. If this is your first time at Red Devils, make sure you are familar with rules and fill out and bring a waiver with you (also available on the website).

More details will be posted here and on our Facebook Event page



April 29, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm




Red Devils Airsoft
1215 Whitney Rd
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 Canada
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