ATACS vs Mulitcam

When playing most Ottawa airsoft fields, you may notice that the fields are forest based. So choosing a appropriate camo for the field your playing on is important. You have probably seen the standard woodland camo before.


While it is effective and some vests come in that camo, you may want to look for something higher quality due to the lack of BDUs and tactical gear available. That brings us to some of the most popular camo used in the airsoft world: Multicam and A-TACS.

You may look at the A-TACS and think that it would not work very well in a forest field. Rest assured, there is A-TACS FG, a remodeled version of A-TACS for forest environments.


So, which one is better? Well it all depends on what kind of play style you follow. A-TACS would be awesome for snipers and some assault players. Multicam would be more useful for more mobile players, due to the lighter weight and color of the BDUs.

Price point? Well since Multicam is currently used by U.S forces, the prices in most military stores are high. A-TACS is a bit more affordable but less common.

I hope this article helps and if you find a great supplier for BDUs, leave a link in the comment section.