UPDATE: Red Devil has released new information about the event as well as a planned date. Prices and rules have also been noted.
Here is the link for all the information and sign up for groups.

OP. New Ottawa Forum


Red Devil has announced that they will be holding a second Operation New Ottawa this year during July. Due to the great experience of the previous one along with the new upgrades to the field (Check here for details and photos RedDevilsAirsoft) this looks to be a very exciting event. We will continue to post more updates as Red Devil releases information closer to the event.

Here is the offical Facebook page for upcoming details and news.
Op. New Ottawa 2 Facebook Page

For those who didn’t attend the previous event or haven’t heard about it, Operation New Ottawa is an open airsoft event centered around the theme of the popular game Fallout. Much like last year, Honey Badger Airsoft is creating the event while Red Devil hosts it.

Last year was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to this year’s changes. Hope to see all of you there!