Everyone knows that face protection in airsoft is one of the most important parts of the sport. The game is only fun until someone loses a tooth or gets hit in the neck.

That’s why SA CO is creating specialized Face Shields to help airsofters keep safe while still looking tactical. For the purpose of the review, I will be talking about two of their different Face Shield products: the Multi-Use and the Thermal Fleece.

The Multi-Use Face Shield is a lightweight polyester microfiber mask that can be used, as its name implies, in various different ways. One of the best uses is as a facial cover that not only protects your neck, but also covers the sides of your face and nose, much like a bandana. The material is breathable and pliable, allowing for use over top of other mesh masks or mouth guards. The build quality is excellent and the material showed no signs of wear after continued use. The masks come in a variety of different patterns and camos, allowing anybody to find the mask that suits their kit or style. Much like the other popular neck protection option, the shemagh; the Face Shield can also be used to cover your entire head and with its ability to wick away moisture, you can keep cool in a tense firefight.

The Thermal Fleece Face Shield is made from a strong fleece material that keeps your face and neck warm during colder events. Although not as pliable as the other style of shield, the mask is more durable and is better suited for colder temperatures. Every mask also features the same wick-away technology as their polyester counterparts, along with the same excellent build quality and durability. They also comes in a variety of patterns and designs, ranging from skulls and bullets to cadpat and ATACS. Having worn one for the better part of a notorious Canadian Winter, I can personally attest to the Face Shield’s ability to keep your entire face warm and comfortable.

Keep in mind that most fields or indoor venues will require you to wear a mouth guard or Mesh Mask underneath the Face Shield if you choose to wear it.
Overall, SA CO Face shields should be a definite purchase for any airsofter looking for a alternative to the stale market of scarves and bandanas. The superb quality and ability to withstand wear and tear in harsh elements is not something to be taken for granted. Visit the SA CO website for more details on the product, as well as their full selection of other products.

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