Recently many people have become concerned with the new laws passed that affect Airsoft in Canada. This post should help clear things up for those who are uncertain whether or not this has a major impact.

The major change from the law in early 2014 is that, to prevent accidental accusations of airsoft being real firearms, all Airsoft guns must be not used or seen in a public area or anywhere outside private property or an offical Airsoft field. This just means that Airsofters need to carry their guns in bags, cases or anything that prevents the gun to be seen publically.

The laws of children under the age of 18 owning an Airsoft gun still applies and they must now be supervised by someone over said age if they wish to use an Airsoft gun.

The laws regarding FPS and color of the body of the gun remain the same.

Hopefully this has cleared up any confusion surrounding the new laws and if any questions remain, you can ask in the comment section below.





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