The Well VSR-10 is arguably one of the better sniper rifles you can in the under $200 category if you are looking into sniping as an airsoft role.


Measuring at around 3 and a half feet, this spring bolt-action rifle is perfect for ranged engagement while retaining a good level of mobility by keeping the weight a lttle under 6 pounds without accessories.

Air Restrictor

Our gun shipped with the air restrictor within the rifle’s firing mechanism, resulting in a disappointing 225fps but after removing it the spring bolt action VSR fired 0.2g BBs at 470fps. Heavier BBs would improve the rifle’s accuracy.

The rifle has two picatinny rails located at the top for mounting optics and at the bottom for attaching a bipod. The rifle’s magazine holds 24 rounds and is very light and affordable if you needed the extra ammo. Unlike other VSR-10 models, the rifle’s body is constructed of a durable plastic rather than rubber like material on other models.

Due to the popularity of the model, a wide range of upgrade and replacement parts are very commonly available, making the VSR 10 a cheaper alternative to expensive non-upgradeable rifles. The easily accessible and adjustable hop-up remains in place, requiring a decent amount of force to move, preventing any accidental changes.

-Easily upgradable and regularly available parts
-Cheap price
-Accurate and good fps
-High quality internals
-Comes with sling and speedloader

-Bolt can catch on safety/fire switch if the bolt is not fully pulled up
-Bolt can be harder to pull for younger players

Overall, this rifle would be an excellent addition to your arsenal, especially if you wanted to try sniping for a lower price without sacrificing quality.

Well VSR-10 at Toronto Airsoft