Thanks to a great website we just found called we found a newer release of ARES’ intermediate rifle known as the AMOEBA series.

They feature the shortest AM005, the slightly longer AM006, the PDW length AM007, the carbine length AM008 (which we will reviewing in this article) and finally the rifle length AM009. Each of the guns feature high-quality builds and excellent internals with the pre-installed programmable EFCS Metal Gearbox that can change between single,burst and full auto firing modes. It also prevents half trigger pulls which can destroy the teeth on your airsoft gun`s piston.

The ARES AMOEBA AM008 comes in either tan or black with polymer and metal internals and externals. When we first removed it from the traditional cardboard packaging, we found it to roughly weigh in at 4 pounds and 8 ounces when empty. The muzzle velocity is fairly consistent at 400 FPS with a 8.4v nunchuck type battery wired to the custom crane stock and 0.2g BBs in the ARES style PMAG Hi-Cap Magazine. It has a 267mm inner barrel length and measures at 26.25 inches with the stock fully retracted and 29.5 inches fully extended. It has a quick change spring system and very easy to access gearbox with the removal of one body pin.(UPDATE: Through disassembly, we have discovered that the quick change spring system is not applicable to this model. The spring needs to be removed through the usual AR 15 style breakdown. A video detailing this will soon be available on our Youtube channel.) It comes with a metal flip-up front sight and a detachable chopped rear sight. Players with gloves with appreciate the enlarged trigger guard and magazine release. A forward assist is also able to release spring tension to prevent premature destruction of the spring. The magwell is textured on the front, removing the need for a magwell grip and the pistol grip is also textured, which is slightly uncomfortable after holding it for long periods without gloves.


Overall the gun is definitely worth the $220 thanks to its impressive build quality and easy access to the gearbox and quick change spring system. Although the pistol grip may be uncomfortable to players without gloves, its comfortable stock and magwell make the gun remain easy to hold for good periods of time with ease.

I recommend this gun to beginner airsofter and pros alike due to its ease of use and easy to access spring and gearbox. Try and pick it up before they sell out at AirsoftDepot!