Your first Airsoft gun is essentially your first link to the Airsoft world. It is of utmost importance to chose a weapon that suites your needs, as it will be with you for most of your beginning Airsoft games.  You will most likely want to start with a AEG, as they are the most abundant in the Airsoft gun market. Their ease of use is much more suited to beginner players compared to Gas Blow-Back models.

The first thing you should look for is the model of your gun. The most popular models may have more replacement parts for them but you will “lose” your uniqueness.


The M4

M4 sillohette

The M4 platform is easily the most recognizable weapon platform due to its constant service with military forces. The M4 is highly customizable and versatile as it can fit your needs with just some external (or internal) modifications. Most M4s allow you to change out the barrel,hand guard,top rail,upper and lower receiver,pistol grip and stock.  Some may be limited by whether or not the battery is wired to the back. If it is, you will most likely have to use a large stock such as a crane stock. If not, you are free to customize to your heart’s content. Just make sure that the parts you are purchasing can fit your gun.


The AK-47/74

AK sillohette

The AK platform is most commonly recognized as the “bad guy gun” due to its use in many movies and video games. However this stereotype is somewhat false, as many Russian,Chinese and Polish military units use this, or a variant of the AK-47. In Airsoft, it usually takes a more modern approach with polymer hand guards, but don’t fret, many Airsoft companies still manufacture them with the more traditional look. You can’t modify the AK platform as much as the M4, but you can purchase different variants of the AK platform such as the AK74U carbine and the RPK Light machine gun.


The M14

M14 sillohette

The M14 platform has been seen as GBB sniper rifles and AEGs alike. Unlike the AK and the M4, the gun is not really able to take many external modifications. The only major one is a full metal body change that converts the M14 into an EBR. You can still mount optics and grips, if you find the rail attachments. Most models are either built from real wood or full metal. Beware as some lower priced M14s may be spring rifles, meaning you have to pull the charging handle after every shot fired.



So think about what your favorite Airsoft gun model is, as next time, we are going to talk about manufacturers and what usually comes with each company’s gun.


Thanks for reading