When playing Airsoft in any environment, you’ll most likely get shot in the hand at some point. So when looking for hand protection, look no further then Mechanix gloves. The company started by making gloves for mechanics and slowly moved into the military due to the awesome build quality.

This review in particular covers the M-PACT CQB series of gloves. These gloves will probably run you $20-30 CAD but they are definitely worth it.

The gloves feature a padded palm and extra grips on the thumb and index finger. (Perfect for removing magazines from tight pouches) On the back of the hand the glove has rubber pads on the knuckles, fingers and base of the hand.

Mechanix M-PACT CQB inside

As stated before, the Mechanix gloves are high quality and these are no expectation. The only complaint I have is that part of the rubber attached to the Velcro on the front of the hand started to come off, but only very slightly and does not change the functionality of the gloves.

Overall these gloves are worth picking up. If you don’t like the full finger models, fingerless is also available but might be hard to find. You can get these in Black,Coyote,red,blue and Woodland.

Mechanix M-PACT CQB fingerless

Quality 5/5
Functionality 5/5
Price 4/5

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