Every Airsoft player has their own style, Gear and gun setups. If you’re having trouble deciding what the best setup is for you, look no further as this page will help you decide. For the sake of buying gear for the photos, we will be using some concept art from Battlefield 4. The game features 4 distinctive classes that we will use as our “base models”, The Assault,Engineer,Support and Recon.

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Starting on the far left is the Support. This gear setup fits with player who wish to stay back and provide supporting fire with LMGs. Since you will most likely be in a supportive position with good cover, you will not require a vest with a lot of protection. A chest rig will provide you with mags for you,your teammates and enough pouches for other various items such as extra BBs, speed loaders, Impact grenades or secondaries. You may not need a secondary with this setup, but if you need one, go for a Gas-blowback pistol.

To the right of the support stands the Engineer. This loadout performs best in close quarters. With this in mind, you wold most likely want to wear a chest rig or a very light plate carrier. For a weapon, look into shotguns and PDWs as they will perform the best in CQC. A good full auto pistol would greatly benefit you as a sidearm. Also look into some good arm and leg protection as BBs will hurt more in close quarters then in a outdoor game.

Next to the center right is the Recon or Sniper. This setup best fits the player that wants to stay far back and hit enemies from great distances with Sniper rifles or DMRs.(Designated Marksman Rifle) Like the Support you will not require a heavy vest, but a lighter plate carrier may fit nicely. Be sure to carry enough magazines because you probably won’t resupply often. A PDW or Pump shotgun would help in close quarter situations.

And last but not least is the Assault. This setup would best fit the player using a carbine or assault rifle for taking out players at medium to long ranges. This setup is one of the most common loadouts for beginning airsoft as it is the most basic. A plate carrier will allow you to move through the front lines without running dry on ammo or BBs. As the name suggests, you are the guy who pushes forward and takes ground for his team. As I said before, this is a common way to start airsoft, so you will not be alone when in enemy territory. For a secondary, a good Gas pistol will suit your needs.

If you have a good loadout idea, post it in the comments below and maybe try some of these loadouts yourself.

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