Event locations and rental information.

Address: 1215 Whitney Road, Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0
Hours Of Operation: Varies depending on event schedules. See front page calendar and the events section for more details.

RDA also has some products available in their clubhouse including BBs, masks, holsters, eye pro, mags, etc. They will also order in guns and gear if you ask.


UPDATE 2016 –

We’ve basically adopted Red Devils Airsoft as our home field and are on our 3rd season. Old Barn, Frankie, Tim and the team are all awesome. They make it a great field to spend the day while the regulars welcome new players openly whether they are seasoned players checking out the field or brand new players to Airsoft.

It seems like the field is updated every week with new bunkers, walls, buildings, paths through the woods and game modes. There’s warm up games, pyro missions to blow up bridges, high value targets, capture the flag…and new ideas always being added. They host big events like this year’s 7-part Battlefield Series (Orange vs Blue) with over 150 players, themed events like Zombies, Sunday Fundays and are always walk on friendly.

UPDATE 2013 –

Recently attended a walk-on day at their field in Kemptville. Friendly players and interesting games make me want to return for the mega-game which I couldn’t make that time. Large forest and vast fields with trenches and limited cover helps keep the intensity of the game high.